Futura Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. is an eminent organization engaged in manufacture and supply of all types of surgical sutures. All sutures are manufactured in accordance with various quality standards such as CE, WHO- GMP and ISO 9001:2008. The company offers the following absorbable and non-absorbable surgical suture range to its customers:


PETCRYL 910 - Polyglactin 910 Sutures

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Petcryl 910 ( Polyglactin 910 or PGLA suture) is an absorbable, sterile, synthetic, braided suture.and is co-polymer of 90% Glycolide and 10% L-lactide. Polyglactin Sutures retains about 70% of the original tensile strength after 14 days of implantation. Polyglactin 910 sutures have mild tendency to irritate tissues during the absorption process. Polyglactin 910 sutures are supplied in undyed form and also in violet colour.

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PETCRYL - Polyglycolic Acid Sutures

PGA sutures, polyglycolic acid sutures, sutures
Petcryl is made from 100% Glycolide popularly known as PGA sutures. PGA suture is an ideal and time tested synthetic absorbable suture, widely used by surgeons all over the world.. PGA sutures are better compared to catgut because of predictable absorption rate, much higher tensile strength, in-vivo inertness and excellent handling properties.

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Linex - Nylon Sutures

Nylon Sutures, Monofilament Polyamide suture, sutures
Dolphin Sutures is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Nylon Sutures. Nylon sutures are also known by the name Monofilament Polyamide Sutures. These are non-absorbable surgical sutures which are known for their excellent tensile strength and knot security properties. They ellicit minimal inflammatory reaction in tissue. Nylon sutures are indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation, including use in cardiovascular, ophthalmic, and neurological procedures.

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Progut - Catgut Chromic Sutures

Catgut Chromic Sutures, gut sutures, sutures
Catgut sutures are one of the most widely used sutures. They exhibit good tensile strength. Catgut sutures are easy to handle and easy to knot. Catgut sutures are twisted multifilaments with virtually monofilament finish. Chromic sutures not only improves tensile strength but also reduces tissue irritation.

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Sutura - Black Braided Silk Sutures

Black Braided Silk Sutures, silk suture, sutures
Silk suture is a non-absorbable, surgical suture composed of an organic protein called fibroin. We are a a leading manufacturer of coated and Braided Silk Sutures of excellent tensile strength which is retained for longer time in tissue. These are uniformly coated with silicone which provides easy passage through tissues.

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Duracare - Monofilament Polypropylene Sutures

Polypropylene Sutures, monofilament suture, sutures
Monofilament Polypropylene Sutures are blue colored for easy identification during surgery. Polypropylene suture is not affected or weakened by tissue enzymes. They also do not support infection as well as tissue rupture. Used for orthopaedic, plastic and micro surgeries, general closure and cardiovascular they also conform to the USP standards. Avoid damage to the surface of suture.

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Petcryl Mono - Poliglecaprone 25 Sutures

Poliglecaprone 25 Sutures, pgcl suture, sutures
PETCRYL Mono [Poliglecaprone 25] is monofilament Synthetic Absorbable Suture which is a copolymer of glycolide and caprolactone. Poliglecaprone suture has a low tissue reactivity, maintains high tensile strength, and has a half-life of 7 to 14 days.Poliglecaprone 25 sutures are slippery, making it easier to pass than a braided suture. Poliglecaprone Sutures are available in undyed form as well as violet colour.

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Hernia Mesh for Hernia Repair

Hernia Mesh, Hernia Repair, hernia kit
We are manufacturing Polypropylene Mesh for Hernia repair under the brand name Dolphin Mesh and is available in popular sizes of 2x4, 3x6, 6x6 and 12x12 inches. To facilitate the Surgeons convenience, Dolphin mesh is made available in two types, namely PM and PS types. PM type mesh is thinner, smoother and more flexible. Whereas PS mesh is Strong, thicker and normal flexibility.

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